Google may be even more useful than you think

We all know that Google is a great search engine, helping you find whatever you need in the scrambled mess that is the world wide web. Did you know it can also do the following things for you?

Act as a timer

Just type ‘three minute timer’ (or however long you like) in the search box:

Calculate Tips

Enter ‘tip calculator’ into the search box (OK, it’s in dollars, but it does the job!):

Easily see the latest football scores and fixtures

Just type ‘epl’ for the English Premier League or ‘efl’ for the English Football League.

It acts as a calculator

Simply type ‘calculator’ into the search box, et voila!

It can define words for you

In the search box, enter the word ‘define’, followed by a colon and the word you want to look up:

Translate for you

Just enter the word ‘translate’ followed by your foreign word:

You can even paste in whole paragraphs of foreign text, and use the drop down arrows to select different languages.

Do a barrel roll

Self explanatory. Type it into the Google search box and see for yourself!