Do You Offer Free Wifi to Your Customers?

If you run a business, club or school with free wifi for visitors, is it secure?

It’s pretty common to when entering cafes or bars to be able to connect to their wireless network and access the internet.  It’s becoming more widespread across all businesses and schools as time goes on.

If you offer free wifi, is it putting your business at risk?  Could it be doing more for you?

Listed below are our top five things to consider when offering wifi:

  • When people connect, are they joined to the same network as your own business server/computers?  If the answer is yes, then your business data is at risk.
  • Is you wifi secured with a password that changes regularly? You don’t want casual passers-by hogging all your bandwidth.
  • What are you getting in return for sharing your internet?  When customers connect, are you getting anything back from them in the way of marketing opportunities? Even something as simple as having them enter their email address and agree to receive emails from you could earn you extra sales.
  • Are individuals limited to the amount of data they can use? You may not want Joe Bloggs taking 2 hours over a coffee while he downloads the latest box set.
  • Do you make it clear to customers that they should not be visiting illegal websites? You need to cover your own backside after all!

If you have any queries, please do get in touch.