Network Support

Network Support

Do you have a school or business in need of server or network support? Our experienced Melton Mowbray based engineers can support you.

We have 20 years of experience providing network support, whether large enterprises or small home networks, we enjoy the geeky side of things and have led many teams of technicians.

Network and Server Support

Our staff are trained and experienced in Microsoft, Cisco, Ruckus, Meru, Netgear and VMware products.  We have been supporting servers since the Windows NT days of the 1990’s up to the present day.

We have specialists in Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint so we can help you migrate to the latest versions, or take advantage of the more cost-effective Office365 cloud services.

Listed below are a selection of the kind of services we offer. Click on our flyer to see more info.

School or Business IT Support.

Network Support

If you have servers or a network, take advantage of our experience and ensure it’s all running effectively.  We can check the network for bottlenecks which may be slowing things down and ensure your data is backed up safely and securely.

We can also provide regular IT support which is especially useful if you cannot afford a full time technician or network admin, or simply need an extra pair of hands.  Just contact us for a tailored price to suit your needs.

Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning

We can develop a comprehensive action plan which will allow you to plan your IT spending over the upcoming years.

By creating a hardware refresh policy we’ll enable you to plan your spending, get the most from each investment and accurately budget for the years ahead.

An accurate refresh policy ensures key network and server hardware is serviced or replaced before it becomes a weakness within your business.  This ensures you never run the risk of data loss or downtime which could affect teaching and learning in your school, or impact on profits in your business.

Home or Small Business Wireless installations.

Maybe you already have wifi but wish to get a better signal in certain areas, or maybe you are looking to install your first wireless network.  We can suggest the best solution, help you find the best price and get it up and running for you.

Server Health Checks.

Server Health Check

How long ago were your servers last checked?  They should be maintained regularly to ensure they are virus-free, updated and without errors or hardware faults. Think of it as an MOT for your servers, ensuring things are running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

We can provide a server health check which usually takes no more than an hour.

As well as ensuring your important data is safe and backed up, it also extends the life of your server, getting the most from your investment.

We usually recommend doing this approximately every 2 months at a minimum to ensure your data is safe.