TP-Link Powerline Adapter


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This TP-Link passthrough powerline kit allows you to get network/internet connectivity into parts of the building which might otherwise be too far from your router.

Maybe there’s an area where the wifi just won’t reach, perhaps you can’t get a network cable there or maybe the wifi is just too slow in certain rooms.

This kit transforms your internal power cabling into a data/internet network. There are two parts to this kit, one plugs into a power socket near your router and you run a standard network cable from the router into its data port.  You then plug the other part into another area of the building and run a network cable out of it and into the TV, laptop, computer, games console or whatever it is you wish to use.

No complicated configuration is required, you just plug them in and connect them up. The great thing is that they also have power sockets built into the back of them, so you don’t lose one of your power sockets by tying it up with one of these. The only thing to bear in mind is that both parts of this need to be connected to power sockets on the same electrical circuit.